Team Leaders

Formal methods, testing techonology and QoS.
Formal methods for critical systems, communications software and Internet services on mobile networks.

Post-Doctorate Researchers

Communication protocols, cellular networks, experimentation platforms and testing.
Formal methods to ensure the safety in real-time and hybrid systems.


Communications software and protocol testing.
Communication networks testing and development.
5G networks, virtualization technologies, orchestration systems, and distributed cloud platforms

External Colaborators

Model checking, software reliability and runtime verification in mobile applications
Wireless communication protocols for mobile devices, QoS testing and mobile applications.
Formal methods for the analysis and optimization of heterogeneous systems.

Former Members

.NET technologies as well as Java development.
Safety-critical systems and Integrated Modular Avionics
Mobile broadband communications, protocol testing development and mission critical communications.
Methods and models in Computer Science oriented towards secure embedded and distributed systems.
Mobile communications, software testing and communication protocols.
Communication software and communication protocol development
Energy-efficiency on computer networks and protocols, with a focus on LTE and next-generation mobile networks.
Use of formal methods on software verification.
Automatic debugging, verification and analysis of concurrent, reactive and temporal systems, semantics of declarative languages, the concurrent constraint paradigm, abstract interpretation, temporal logics.