Fed4FIRE+ Open Call - "Medium Experiments" - with focus on IoT & 5G

Fed4FIRE+ project continuously builds on this experience and organizes series of Open Calls for experiments and testbeds and by using the Cascade Granting mechanism.

PerformLTE is part of the Fed4FIRE+ testbeds. If you are interested in running experiments, you can apply for the current active Open Call.


  • Project full name: Fed4FIRE+: Federation for FIRE
  • Project grant agreement number: 732638
  • Call identifier: F4Fp-04-M
  • Call title: 4th Fed4FIRE+ Competitive Call – Innovative Experiments | Category “Medium Experiments” with focus on IoT & 5G

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 18 September 2018, at 17:00 Brussels local time

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